Corporate Social Responsibility

Clooper's Purpose

"To help make a world where everyone has a place they can be proud to call home and live joyfully."

Everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable place to call home. But every 13 minutes, another family in England becomes homeless.
- Shelter

Fundraising activities

At Clooper, in addition to being a profitable business, we believe that our work must make our society and environment better or there is no point. Our team is comprised of members passionate in making a difference. They are participating in Shelter's #100SquatsADayInMay fundraising campaign. Previously they particpated in Macmillan Cancer Support’s 100 Squats A Day For A Month fundraising campaign.

100 Squats A Day In May!

Our founder Toks Adebiyi and our lead UX/UI designer Sara Abodunrin are getting their squats in for the #100SquatsADayInMay challenge. This campaign is to raise awareness and money for Shelter to put an end to homelessness.

You can help us by donating to this cause through the links below.

100 Squats A Day for Macmillan Cancer Support

We’re proud to have a team so passionate about giving back to society. Our co-founder Matt Wilson & his wife Angela did 100 squats each day in April to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the incredible work they do. One in two people will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime and the support provided is vital.

Quotation mark

"Due to Covid and too many lockdowns, it’s time to start looking after our bodies. Let’s give them the TLC they deserve & fuel them in the right way with energy boosting foods and uplifting exercise."

- Angela Wilson on World Health Day
Our co-founder Matt Wilson, and his wife Angela

Giving back activities

Our team are passionate about helping others and participate in diverse giving back activities. Some have donated personal items to Shelter Charity Shops. Others are working on providing skills based webinars to share their expertise and help others on their path to gainful employment. They hope to share expertise in areas such as starting a business, raising finance, engineering, UX design, marketing and more. The idea is to “teach a man/woman to fish” and empower them to advance in their careers.

Supporting Shelter shops

Our founder Toks and our lead UX/UI designer Sara supported their local Shelter shop by donating personal items.

Everything Shelter receives helps them do more for families facing homelessness and bad housing.

Our founder Toks, and our lead UX/UI designer Sara