Welcome to Clooper

Our Story

We have always loved property and the relationships that are built around it. From helping landlords to find and manage tenants to helping homeowners find and transact with reputable tradespeople. We make this all possible from the convenience of a mobile phone. You can think of it as property management in your pocket.

Our "Why"

To help make a world where everyone has a place they can be proud to call home and live joyfully.

Via Work for Good, Clooper is supporting The Passage and Shelter in their fight to end homelessness. This is why 10% of new landlords subscription fees goes to each one in equal proportion.

Your time is your most precious asset, so we created a platform that helps to free up more of it by making it easier and more convenient to manage one of your most precious possessions, your property or home. You can now feel empowered to spend more time doing what you love to do and less time managing your property(ies).

The end result is you provide a better home for yourself or someone else and your life is made easier. Everybody wins.

A small family having a good time at home
That feeling you get when you're at home

Our Vision

To be the most home-centric platform in the world by using technology to simplify and improve the experience of having, managing and living in properties.

Our Values


We are passionate about creating customer value in everything.


We believe our work must make our environment and society better or there is no point.

Team Work

We value individual achievement but collective achievement is even more valuable.


We lead by serving with integrity and do a lot with a little

Our Mission

By using our online platform to provide transparency, guidance and service provision between property stakeholders.